Swan's Island Lobster
& Marine Museum
Ferry Road
Swan's Island, ME 04685

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Our goal is to preserve and present aspects of maritime Swan's Island history.

Exciting things are happening. We are working on the presentation of the collections in the Lee House and creating a web-based newsletter to enable us to share Swan's Island maritime history with a wider audience.

Jimmy and Stevie Wheaton have recently donated the Betsy L to the museum. The Betsy L, built in 1975 by Charles Joslin for Burton Wheaton, is the last surviving wooden work-boat built on Swan's Island.

To maintain the collections and restore and exhibit the Betsy L, we are establishing The Friends of the Swan's Island Lobster & Marine Museum. Please join us. Donations are tax deductible, and a donation in any amount will make you a member.

All Friends donating at any level will receive our newsletter about progress and events at the museum.

Designated donation levels and thank you gifts:

· $50 Able Bodied Seaman (hat with logo)

· $75 First Mate (tee shirt with logo)

· $100 Navigator (your choice: hat or tee shirt AND a personal tour of museum)

· $200 Skipper (all of the above AND a personal tour of the lighthouse too)

· $500 Commodore (all of the above AND lobster roll lunch for four)
Send your membership contribution to:
SIL&MM c/o Kathy Turner
10 Quarry Pond Road
Swan's Island, Maine 04685