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Betsy L is the last surviving work-boat built on Swan's Island. Built in 1979 by Charles Joslin, she was used for lobstering by her late owner, Burton Wheaton. She stands as the last survivor of a century and a half of masterful boat-building which made Swan's Island famous in the late 1800s.

Now his sons, Jimmy and Stevie Wheaton, have offered her to the Museum as a permanent exhibit. Besides moving her to her new home at the Museum, providing cover and protection from winter storms is another expense that must be considered. Much restoration and preservation work must be done and eventually, a platform or boardwalk will be constructed so that visitors can also see the boat's interior.

While Betsy L may never sail the waters around Swan's Island again, she will sit proudly above Mackerel Cove as a memorial to the many wonderful schooners and boats who were born here.

Galen's early passing was a tragedy that might have been even more of a blow to the Museum's survival if he had not left behind several large notebooks (over 150 pages each) crammed with meticulous drawings, historical facts and numerous interviews with Island old-timers.

This priceless material has so much to offer! But it must all be studied, catalogued and carefully preserved, requiring many hours of volunteer work. Eventually, the hope is to publish some of these fascinating books as well.

Old photographs displayed in the museum are copies of the originals. Many have faded, some beyond recognition. The dozens of photos currently on display are only a small percentage of the originals in existence, and all should be digitally copied and then framed in museum-quality displays so their details can once again be seen.